I Am From the Mitten

Another poem, for National Poetry Writing Month.

One cool way to start writing poems is to write a copy-change poem. You start with a poem that already exists, maybe your favorite poem or a famous, well-known poem. Then you begin replacing words and phrases to make it your own. You can be as close to or as far and opposite from the original poem as you want. For this poem below I took George Ella Lyon’s poem “Where I’m From” and started changing words…then I basically changed the whole format to make it my own. I did use some elements and ideas for content from the original poem but I changed it to fit where I’m from. And for those of you that don’t get it right away this “mitten” that I’m from is also known as Michigan!

This one is for my family.

I am from the mitten–
from Log Cabin syrup and JIF peanut butter.
I am from a three bedroom ranch, family room addition, with a school and grandparents as neighbors.
I am from acorns and piles of leaves
left by the abundance of trees in our yard.

I am from Tynan Table Talk
from Patrick and Linda,
a big brother named Brad and a dog named Cookie.
I am from a town filled with lakes
called Waterford.

I am from burgers and beer and Christmas caroling.
I am from baseball games and bonfires.
I am from the Irish and the Italian
from stewghetti, corned beef and chicken and a vegetable.

I am from church at Our lady of the Lakes
followed by breakfast at Village Place.
I am from the smells of coffee
and fresh paint.
From the tears of  laughter
and the making of to-do lists.

I am from the stories–
told by my uncles and my grandfathers.
I am from the memories and the moments
in the photos tucked away in our garage,
or a folder on the computer.

I am from the love,
from the support,
from the courage,
from the silliness,
of a family
that I wouldn’t trade for the world.



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