It’s Official: Purdue Alum and a European Discovery


Yesterday, I graduated from college. I am officially an Alumna of Purdue University!

This is an unbelievable feeling, the past four years I have been a student in 40+ classes, I have been a part of 7+ organizations/clubs, I have been to dozens of athletic and social events, I have attended an abundance conferences, meetings, ceremonies and speeches, and I have met a wondrous amount of people who truly shaped my experience at Purdue and the person I am today. And now I must begin a new phase of my life! But as Carol Burnett said, “We don’t stop going to school when we graduate.” We are forever a student in this school of life!

My next “lesson” in the school of life will take place in Europe! This Thursday, on May 22nd, I head to London followed by several other cities including Amsterdam, Munich, Florence, Rome, Lucerne, Paris and more! I have always wanted to travel to Europe or just simply out of the country but there always seemed to be some sort of obstacle keeping me in the U.S. but not this time!

The next few days will be full of last minute preparation…I have so many things to buy, pack and consider. I’ve never been very good at packing light, so that should be fun. I am allowed one suitcase (under 44 lbs) and one day bag…which has to include thirteen days worth of clothes, my camera, my journal, toiletries, shoes, chargers, adapters, my iPad, passport, copies of my passport, travel documents, medicines and…I may be missing something…it’s a lot to think about! But it’s exciting!

I look forward to all of the people I will be traveling with. From what I’ve been told, there are about 50 of us; 30 people associated with Purdue and 20 from all over the world.  I haven’t met anyone yet which is a little nerve racking but it’s an adventure! I will meet them in London!

I hope to keep you updated some, with pictures and stories, while I’m traveling!

Story of Graduation Day…Coming at you soon!


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