Adulting: Making My Home Official

I have been procrastinating the steps to making my new home official. Sure, I have a lease…and every first of the month I pay rent…that makes it feel pretty official, but there are other parts to this. It’s looking like I’m going to stay in Illinois for a while and now that I have my own address I can establish residency.

Today I took the first steps towards becoming an Illinois resident. I passed my Illinois driving test! Unfortunately, I lost my Indiana License so I have to replace that before I receive the Illinois License but at least I am one step closer in that department. I will finally be able to drive a car again…ya know, if I have to…I don’t own a car… but it’ll be nice to be licensed again. Now I wait patiently for my Indiana License to arrive…just to turn around and give it to the DMV, but then I can check that off my list!

My new Illinois License will have my new Chicago address, this means now I should change my mailing address too. USPS has been informed, I am no longer a receiving mail in Michigan. Mom, my junk mail is out of your hair.

Another thing that has been put on the back (unnoticed) burner has been renters insurance. I am new to this living alone thing, I didn’t even think about renters insurance until my my lovely mother mentioned it. Apparently that is a thing most landlord’s require but mine didn’t. So I stepped up my adulting game, as of today, I have renters insurance, just in case.

Next on the list, get internet and maybe cable…if I ever get a TV that is.

Learning a lot today… Happy Wednesday!


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