Purdue Bucket List

  1. Attend Boiler Gold Rush – aka BGR aka Freshman Orientation.
    • Well of course!
  2. Attend a basketball game
    • Absolutely
  3. Drink an entire Den Pop.
    • It was painful but yes.
  4. Eat at Triple X
    • Their breakfast is the best
  5. Get a milkshake at Pappy’s
    • Never got around to it, again, there’s still time.. as long as it stays open.
  6. Pull an all-nighter
    • More than I’d like to admit, I miss Hicks library
  7. Fountain Run
    • OH YES!
  8. Attend a concert in Elliot Hall of Music
    • Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and Weird Al…not at the same show..
  9. Go to Harry’s Chocolate Shop
    • Just a couple of times 😉
  10. Achieve a 4.0 for one semester
  11. Ride the Citibus
  12. Get a part time job
    • Good ole ITaP
  13. Get a drink from the Lion Fountain
  14. Live with a random roommate
    • And I’ll never regret it Zucc!
  15. Skip a class on purpose and for no reason at all
  16. Visit a professor outside of class for office hours
  17. Become the president of something
    • WIT (Women in Technology!)
  18. Shake hands with the university president
  19. Stay friends with someone all four years
    • Since STAR, Jess!
  20. Attend a football game
    • Particularly for “Shout” and the IU Sucks dance
  21. Join a random club
  22. Go for a ride on the Boilermaker Special
  23. Get a picture with Purdue Pete
  24. Get a picture with the World’s Largest Drum
  25. Take a nap somewhere on campus
  26. Go to a Fraternity party
  27. Go to a Baseball game (at the new field)
  28. Go to a Volleyball game
  29. Go to Trivia Night at Jake’s
    • Where I met a very special guy, Max, I wish I was a better girlfriend to you.
  30. Go to Famous Frank’s
    • Thanks, Jacob!
  31. Go to the Cactus
    • Thursday, the best and the worst night.
  32. Attend Breakfast Club
    • There is something exhilarating about drinking at 5 A.M dressed in a goofy costume.pirate
  33. Go sledding on Slayter Hill
    • I’m ashamed
  34. Walk under the Bell Tower
    • Boom! Bachelor’s Degree.

Gosh, I miss life at Purdue sometimes. Great times with great people in a great place.

Boiler Up!

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