A Note to the Recently Elected

You did it. Check it off your bucket list. America chose you to lead the country for the next four years. As crazy as it is to believe, you are the President of the United States of America.

You are certainly unique to any other candidate, ever. You are unexpected. You are different. You are change. You have confidence in your beliefs.

But don’t you forget, you are the face of our country now. You are the voice of millions of human beings. You may have supporters, but you have so many…non-supporters…

There’s a lot of doubt in your qualifications, not to mention…

The media blows up in concern for what you might do or say. The comments of your prejudices and negative behavior towards humans of your country and those of other countries create disbelief in your abilities to “Make America Great Again.”

We need someone to trust. And to reach that point…well…you have your work cut out for you. My freaking facebook wall and twitter feed is a bunch of angry hate mail addressed to you. I’ll take the food videos, baby announcements, gym pics and the relationship over-shares back.

America voted. Though not everyone is happy with the results, the country did their part. Now you must do yours, prove that you deserve to represent the people. Prove that you care about the well-being of humans, every single one.

This great universe gave us Earth to thrive on. We are one, and who knows how long we have to make this life everything we want it to be.

Please, don’t mess this up.






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