Grasp It and Grow

I crave purpose and direction. Bring me to life. What is it worth? Who am I? Without my skin of the earth.   A composition of support. The soil runs deep. You'll grasp it and grow. Have patience and passion. When you find it you'll know.


Second Thoughts

Even if you don't have them for long, everyone has second thoughts about one decision or another in their life. We use the phrase, "on second thought" to express that we have given something more thought, or that we are reconsidering something. As fun as it it to be spontaneous, sometimes you have to rethink, …

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Quite Irksome

Today's word: Irksome [urk-suh m] (adj.) Meaning: annoying; irritating; exasperating; tiresome; bothersome; tending to irk According to Wiktionary it originates from the Old English word weorcsum ‎(“painful, hurtful”). Other forms: irk, irksomely (adv.), irksomeness (n) Spanish translation: irritante, fastidioso And now a list of things that I find quite irksome: When the lid of the toilet or the seat itself …

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