Literary Bucket List

I've decided to publish my book collection! Though I am especially proud of my tangible collection...there is something about that raw touch and smell of a book, a novel, the bound pages of a story...I have also included my e-books, audio books and hopeful acquisitions of the future. The problem with my collection is that …

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13 Things To Do When You Are Having a Rough Day

What a week. It has been a very difficult time, but we cannot lose hope! Remember to do the things that make you happy or make you feel at peace. I understand there are certain issues, especially right now, that won't go away overnight, but you must think of your present self. Soothe every part of …

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Quite Irksome

Today's word: Irksome [urk-suh m] (adj.) Meaning: annoying; irritating; exasperating; tiresome; bothersome; tending to irk According to Wiktionary it originates from the Old English word weorcsum ‎(“painful, hurtful”). Other forms: irk, irksomely (adv.), irksomeness (n) Spanish translation: irritante, fastidioso And now a list of things that I find quite irksome: When the lid of the toilet or the seat itself …

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