A Note to the Recently Elected

You did it. Check it off your bucket list. America chose you to lead the country for the next four years. As crazy as it is to believe, you are the President of the United States of America.

You are certainly unique to any other candidate, ever. You are unexpected. You are different. You are change. You have confidence in your beliefs.

But don’t you forget, you are the face of our country now. You are the voice of millions of human beings. You may have supporters, but you have so many…non-supporters…

There’s a lot of doubt in your qualifications, not to mention…

The media blows up in concern for what you might do or say. The comments of your prejudices and negative behavior towards humans of your country and those of other countries create disbelief in your abilities to “Make America Great Again.”

We need someone to trust. And to reach that point…well…you have your work cut out for you. My freaking facebook wall and twitter feed is a bunch of angry hate mail addressed to you. I’ll take the food videos, baby announcements, gym pics and the relationship over-shares back.

America voted. Though not everyone is happy with the results, the country did their part. Now you must do yours, prove that you deserve to represent the people. Prove that you care about the well-being of humans, every single one.

This great universe gave us Earth to thrive on. We are one, and who knows how long we have to make this life everything we want it to be.

Please, don’t mess this up.





Purdue Bucket List

  1. Attend Boiler Gold Rush – aka BGR aka Freshman Orientation.
    • Well of course!
  2. Attend a basketball game
    • Absolutely
  3. Drink an entire Den Pop.
    • It was painful but yes.
  4. Eat at Triple X
    • Their breakfast is the best
  5. Get a milkshake at Pappy’s
    • Never got around to it, again, there’s still time.. as long as it stays open.
  6. Pull an all-nighter
    • More than I’d like to admit, I miss Hicks library
  7. Fountain Run
    • OH YES!
  8. Attend a concert in Elliot Hall of Music
    • Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and Weird Al…not at the same show..
  9. Go to Harry’s Chocolate Shop
    • Just a couple of times 😉
  10. Achieve a 4.0 for one semester
  11. Ride the Citibus
  12. Get a part time job
    • Good ole ITaP
  13. Get a drink from the Lion Fountain
  14. Live with a random roommate
    • And I’ll never regret it Zucc!
  15. Skip a class on purpose and for no reason at all
  16. Visit a professor outside of class for office hours
  17. Become the president of something
    • WIT (Women in Technology!)
  18. Shake hands with the university president
  19. Stay friends with someone all four years
    • Since STAR, Jess!
  20. Attend a football game
    • Particularly for “Shout” and the IU Sucks dance
  21. Join a random club
  22. Go for a ride on the Boilermaker Special
  23. Get a picture with Purdue Pete
  24. Get a picture with the World’s Largest Drum
  25. Take a nap somewhere on campus
  26. Go to a Fraternity party
  27. Go to a Baseball game (at the new field)
  28. Go to a Volleyball game
  29. Go to Trivia Night at Jake’s
    • Where I met a very special guy, Max, I wish I was a better girlfriend to you.
  30. Go to Famous Frank’s
    • Thanks, Jacob!
  31. Go to the Cactus
    • Thursday, the best and the worst night.
  32. Attend Breakfast Club
    • There is something exhilarating about drinking at 5 A.M dressed in a goofy costume.pirate
  33. Go sledding on Slayter Hill
    • I’m ashamed
  34. Walk under the Bell Tower
    • Boom! Bachelor’s Degree.

Gosh, I miss life at Purdue sometimes. Great times with great people in a great place.

Boiler Up!

20 Truths About Film School

There’s obviously plenty to learn in film school…here’s 20 random things I’ve learned thus far!

1. When you’re with other students, be aware that anything you say could be used as a line in a script one day.

2. When going to see a movie, it’s more than just a casual outing.

3. Do not make enemies, you never know who you might work with on a project in the future.

4. Knowing the skills of others is just as important as knowing your own.

5. You need to watch more foreign films.

6. Your list of movies to watch will never stop growing.

7. When hanging out with film students, 95% of the time you are going to talk about movies.

8. There are not an abundance of women in this field.

9. The saying, “If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” is very applicable to film projects.

10. You cannot be shy. If you want experience you have to go out and get it.

11. After making your own movie, you will never watch a movie in the same way again.

12. DP in the Cinema world doesn’t stand for Dr. Pepper, like it does in my world.

13. There is a possibility one of your classmates will one day direct adult films.

14. If you are a good sound person, you won’t have a problem staying busy.

15. Class critiques…you never know what you’re going to get.

16. Whoever said, “It’s all about who you know…” They’re right, so go meet everyone you can.

17. Taking risks can be good, proceed with care.

18. Reserving your equipment can be a challenge, so plan way ahead.

19. You now attend classes with people you have a lot in common with.

20. Film school is stressful, busy and fast-paced…but it’s fun.

It’s Time to begin, isn’t it?

Finally I have a purpose.

If you read my last post at the end of July, you may know I had been waiting for something…I’m happy to announce I was waiting on my admissions decision into grad school and I was accepted! I am now a graduate student in Cinema Production at DePaul University!

It’s been a hell of ride to get to this point, a year ago I was starting my senior year at Purdue University and there is no way I would have ever  guessed this is what I would be  doing. Three months ago, I became a college graduate and had just got back from Europe…still clueless about what was next. One month and about thirteen days ago,  with the luck of finding this awesome program at DePaul and finding out about an Accelerated Admissions program offered by the College of Computing and Digital Media, I decided to apply for the Fall quarter. And a week later I was accepted.

After lots of preparation and support from my parents, I am now living in Downtown Chicago right in DePaul’s Loop Campus and I could not be happier. I had mentioned before, Chicago is the place I wanted to be since my internship two years ago. I finally made it! I’ll be here for at least two years, and if I’m lucky I will get a job here when I graduate… we’ll see where this adventure takes me.

Today is my first day of class. The adventure I’ve been waiting for is here! It’s Time to begin, isn’t it?